Team Favourites : eight socks & tights for children

After months of cold weather in Europe, we decided to share one of the most essential layers that keep our babies and kids warm —  socks and tights! Despite our countdown to Spring, we are positive that there is still great need for cosy, comfy, colourful, fun, reliable, and long-lasting socks and tights. After all, you might be able to shed the scarves and hats soon (hopefully!) but the tights and socks are going to be here for awhile.

Here are our tried and tested favourites! Enjoy…


  1. La Coqueta’s tights. We have numerous LaCoqueta tights every season. They are great quality, and great colours too! They last even after one child has worn out of them, and we then hand them on to friends. And this mustard colour brightens up the grayest London day, making every outfit look special! – Vanessa and Lara
  2. Braveling home of Little Titans. Who wouldn’t want thunderbolt tights for girls or boys? For babies — I love the stripes and the ‘knee patches’ and the feet are lined with terry cloth and have anti-slib underneath. Both Ava as Casper wore these, so super cute. – Esther
  3. Martin Pederson Tights, ribbed tights from Elias & Grace are classic colours that go with everything — they seem to last for ages, almost as if they grow with the child. – Kate
  4. Monoprix socks are comfortable and cosy, the quality is great (the heel and toe areas are reinforced) and the neutral colours are lovely — the perfect basics! – Caroline
  5. You Are Small socks and tights are the sweetest, each pair is hand dyed and one of a kind! We love both their socks and tights, the hardest part is choosing which colour we want from the palette. Little baby socks would be a great gift for newborns as well! – Lara
  6. Caramel socks and tights come in gorgeous colours for each season. They last well and don’t shrink in the wash. – Vanessa
  7. Falke socks and tights were a favourite by many of our team. They come in such pretty colours. And, these baby socks are great in the winter pulled straight up if you have the baby in a carrier / sling so their calves are covered! – Esther and Lara 
  8. Etiquette baby socks were my favorite when Delia was an infant — they stayed on her feet, washed beautifully, and came in really appealing colors. They’d make a great baby gift (and an ode to the late illustrator Dick Bruna)! – Shannon

And the little picture of the baby boy wearing tights are from the trusted Collegien brand, another favourite of our Babyccino team! How do you feel about boys in tights? We think it is so super cute.

Stay warm, until the season changes.

Lara xx


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February 24, 2017

Thanks for this posts, it is really useful as you think any sock is good for babies but is not true… La Coqueta thights are always beatiful and very confortable and the Falke socks are the best ever, they are the only ones that don’t make a mark on my baby chubby ankles/legs! Really recommended! Thanks

Lara in London
February 27, 2017

Yes, no one wants socks that pinch yummy chubby baby ankles. 🙂 Happy you liked the post. Lx

February 26, 2017

My little boy (4 months) always wears tights under hjs trousers. They keep him nice and warm and dont fall off like socks!


Lara in London
February 27, 2017

I agree, tights are much easier than socks. The Falke socks I mentioned thou are great because they are tall too.

March 1, 2017

Try the Condor brand we sell at they are an absolute fav, so soft, always stay up, high quality.
My personal fav are the long ribbed socks – they come in lots of gorgeous colours

July 12, 2017

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