Making snowflakes, and some thoughts about embracing the seasons

Christmas is over, the New Year has been rung in — it is January. It’s slowly getting lighter, but it’s still freezing cold and we’re hoping for snow. Perhaps this is what the first months of the year are all about — bundling up and going outside to play in the cold, and then retreating back inside into the cosiness of our homes.

I’m trying to figure out what my resolutions are, which changes I would like to make this year. I’m organising my days better (I started a bullet journal! More on that later…), I’m hoping to have more time to cook, sew and craft this year — the first and the second goal go hand in hand, I suppose.

I’m also trying, this year, not to bring spring into our house too early. Spring flowers like tulips and bowls of bulbs are already fully available in all of Amsterdam’s flower stands and I must admit that I am very much tempted to buy a bunch, but I’m not falling for them just yet. When I’m getting ready for spring too early, it will will only seem to make January and February last so much longer to me. So I will try to look for the positive parts of these months, and I will celebrate them for what they are worth — not merely ignoring them in the favour of spring. This year, I’m going to embrace the seasons and wait until nature starts telling us it’s time to celebrate spring. Ha, hear me! I hope I have found the solution to the January and February blues ;).

Instead, I will look out for wintery ways to decorate our house. Pretty branches decorated with pompoms, cute snowmen drawings. Our seasonal table showcases snowmen. Ava and I made these pretty snow garlands over the weekend, and we started cutting out snowflakes to decorate the windows with. It’s an ongoing project that will keep us busy in the coming weeks, but I already like the look of our wintery windows. And if the sun peeps through, the snowflakes leave such pretty shadows on the walls.

Snowflake garlands are very simply made from cotton balls threaded on thin white yarn — some of them you can pull in pieces to make the flakes uneven. Emilie shows you how to make pretty paper snowflakes here.

xxx Esther


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Claudia - Wasfuermich
January 25, 2017

Love this idea, Esther. I don´t manage to walk by these tulips all time. But I totally agree with you. And my tulips will look lovely with these snow garlands around ; )
Have a nice day, Claudia

Esther in Amsterdam
January 25, 2017

Haha! Sure thing 😉 x

January 25, 2017

Your Winter decorations are beautiful Esther – thank you for sharing! I’m interested in what you use to stick your snowflakes up with. Also, might you share where Ava’s dress is from please? It (and she!) is the cutest! S x

Esther in Amsterdam
January 25, 2017

Thank you Sarah! I actually use very old-fashioned Scotch tape to hang them. And Ava’s dress is from Alice + Ames (it swirls!). xx

January 25, 2017

This is just lovely!!!

Emma E
January 25, 2017

I love this post. This is exactly how I am trying to approach the year and in particular January and February! Not always totally succeeding in being positive though. On those days I try to have a nap to rejuvenate!!! And actually being back inside from the cold with a log fire and yummy snack is truly lovely.

January 26, 2017

Esther, I started a bullet journal too, I am not a very organised person, but it’s helping a lot and I like it very much. I always like your organisational tips so I am quite eager to get to know how you use yours … Hope you will post about it 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
January 27, 2017

I have just started, but liking so far! x

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