Collage Candle Holders

I vividly remember being at the beginning of my pregnancy with baby Tisa at the same time last year and can’t believe it’s been a year already! I love the Christmas holidays and everything revolving around it; I only wish I had more time for crafts with (and even without) my kids. But still, this year we managed to do a few fun things I wanted to share, like these cute candle holders Tila made for Christmas presents for our relatives. I love how simple they are, and I love the amazing lighting they make with a candle lit inside!

The things you need are:

-Empty glass jars
-Kite Paper
-Glue (Mod Podge)
-Glossy Sealer (optional)

The first thing you need to do is tear the kite paper intoto little square pieces. The easiest way is to first tear thin pieces (about 1 cm thick) of strips and than those to little squares.

Brush the glass with the glue and attach the little paper pieces randomly.

Finish off with the podge or a glossy finish for a fancier appearance.

That is it! We decided to fill them up with homemade cookies and close them up with baking paper and twine.

– Polona

You can read more from Polona on her blog Baby Jungle or visit her online boutique Baby Jungle shop!


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