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‘A Beauty Collected’ by Rachel Garahan




I’m a real believer that we as parents are our child’s first teacher. We encourage our child’s natural development. We enrich their lives from the experiences we provide and we guide them through their very first pathways of life. I’m also a firm believer that play and nature is so beneficial to the developing child. Taking a walk through the woods, strolling along the beach, scavenging through the countryside or simply adventuring through the back yard children can find so many wonderful items of nature and the learning they gain from that is so enriching.

Finding a book, particularly an ABC book which encompasses this form of natural play and highlighting the vocabulary which goes with each item has been a joy. Rachel Garahan has put together, with the support of wonderful photography, a book which will encourage children to name and find organic objects in their own neighbourhood or in more exotic reaches.




A Beauty Collected has encouraged so much curiosty in our household. Not just for the children but I am also enjoying this book. It’s one of those books where you can dip in and out of and each time find so much more than the last read. It’s a stunning book which celebrates the wondrous world we live in. It’s certainly a book which we treasure and it would make such a lovely gift this holiday time.

Available online at Amazon (UK) or (US).

Vanessa x


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Aja Lake
December 22, 2016

Love this so much. Thanks, Vanessa!

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