One of the most enriching and enjoyable experiences when travelling to a new place can be found in visiting the local markets — somewhere you can truly immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine. Markets always offer beautiful seasonal produce, fresh foods and an atmosphere that is representative of where you are. In Amsterdam there are many markets all over town, some smaller than others, and most of them are typically open on Saturdays only (with the exception of the Albert Cuyp market — Amsterdam’s largest markets open every Monday to Saturday). One of our favourite Amsterdam markets to visit is the Noordermarkt in the beautiful Jordaan district. Set up at the foot of the Noorderkerk church alongside the beautiful Prinsengracht canal, this outdoor market — which has been operating since the mid 17th century, is truly a beautiful one.

pears-at-the-noordermarkt fresh-market-produce-at-noordermarkt noordermarkt-cheeses

cutting-cheese-wheel noordermarkt-amsterdam

There are many stalls to explore providing an array of goods. You can buy delicious fresh produce — local fruit and vegetables, beautiful Dutch cheeses, fresh baked breads and treats, preserves, and many more edible delights to take home with you. There are also always stalls providing fresh meals and snacks that you can eat on the spot (these tend to vary with the seasons).

As well as the many foods available, you can find a wonderful range of gifts and clothing at the Noordermarkt. There are beautiful ceramics, antiques, vintage clothing, prints, artworks, toys, flowers, plants and more. There is also a sweet little playground at the centre of the markets which provides a perfect spot to give the little ones a break when the atmosphere gets busy.


eating-a-pretzel-at-noordermarkt bakery-goods-at-noordermarkt fresh-hot-food-and-mulled-wine

childrens-playground-at-noorderkerk leather-diaries-at-noordermarkt prints-at-noordermarkt

The Noordermarkt is open every Saturday from 9am -4pm. It tends to be at its busiest from around lunchtime onwards, so if you are after a quieter experience it is worth visiting earlier in the morning. The Noordermarkt also opens for half a day on Mondays with a smaller selection of stalls available to shop from.

(Also worth a mention while you’re in the area is Winkel 43 — a cafe opposite the road from the Noordermarkt which is famed for having the best apple pie in all the Netherlands – a bold claim but they are definitely worthy of the title. The cafe is very popular for this reason and it is not uncommon to see a long line out to the main road, so get in early or be prepared to wait it out.)



1015 DK Amsterdam
Tel: 06 22166022

Opening hours:

Saturdays: 9.00 – 16.00
Mondays: 9.00 – 14.00


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