Illuminature, a magical discovery of some of the world’s most diverse habitats



We are big fans of the British publisher Wide Eyed Editions. Their books are always so educative and informative, tapping into children’s (and adults’!) natural curiosity for the world around them. They are also known for working with some of the worlds most talented illustrators, making their books not only a feast for the brain, but also a feast for the eyes. Their newest publication Illuminature again is a fantastic read.




Illuminature is a book about ten of the world’s most amazing natural environments (like deserts, rainforests, taigas, mountains, and reefs) and again is full of facts. Per destination, the book discusses key facts of the specific habitat and then (this is where the magic happens!), by using the included three-coloured-lens, it zooms in on 1. the daylight animal life, 2. the plant life, and 3. the crespecular and nocturnal creatures living in it. The illustrations, so cleverly designed by the Milan-based design duo Carnovsky, are beautiful multicoloured works of arts, but they only start to reveal what they truly hide when using the magic lens.


Illuminature is a keepsake book and is so fun to read for the entire family. It is like an interactive trip around the world — but from the comfort of your own cosy couch!

Available through Amazon (UK or US ).

xxx Esther


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December 21, 2016

Love this thanks
For the tip

Courtney in Australia
December 21, 2016

Such sweet photos of your kids with your dad!
Also, my kids really love this book as well. Such fun. xx

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