Easy December craft: 3D paper snowflakes

I took the children to school yesterday and noticed that Pim’s classroom was so beautifully decorated with the prettiest paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. All white and delicate — it looked so lovely and festive! I asked him to show us how they had made them later at home, which he did. It is super easy and you can make them with the supplies you probably have at home: you need 6 sheets of white paper (we used plain A4 printer paper), a scissors, a glue stick and a stapler.

3D snowflakes

3d snowflakes babyccino

1. Create squares by folding a triangle of the paper and cut of part of the paper. Then, cut an even amount of slits on either side of the fold.

3D snowflakes

2. Starting from the middle, glue together the points of the triangles — alternating on either side of the paper.

3D snowflakes

Repeat for all 6 squares.

3D snowflakes

3. Take all 6 pieces in your hand, and staple them together at the top.

3D snowflakes

4. Staple the individual pieces two-by-two together there where the middle bits cross.

3D paper snowflakes - babyccino

Et voila! A beautiful 3D snowflake. So easy and so pretty!

xxx Esther


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Nina Stegelmann
December 17, 2016

I love these, had forgotten all about them, thanks for sharing, perfect for our week off before Christmas! xx

December 19, 2016

Thank you, we have just done our snowflake. Beautiful an funny!!

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