Grab a quick Coffee

In Spain we are such food lovers that we have meals between meals. Before lunch we have the aperitivo (which you can also have before dinner) and after lunch you have merienda (tea time) which is one of my favourites, and is in most families an unpardonable part of the day. As we know breakfast, lunch and dinner are important, but sometimes you need a little extra kick to keep you going, whether it’s a quick tapa or a tea/coffee and cake. Check out our selection of favourite spots to grab a quick coffee.

CSG cafe cosmo 1c

Praktik Bakery is actually a hotel, but they also have their own bakery called Baluard, which is some of the best In Barcelona (it’s not just me who thinks this, but their bread is sold in some delicatessen shops and advertise it as such…) I may not be French and so my judgement may not count for much, but the croissants are warm and crispy, and their pain au chocolate have really good chocolate on the inside.

Federal Cafe   Sant Antoni & Barrio Gótico.  This is a calm cafe on a quiet plaza (the one in the Gótico at least) with a pleasant atmosphere and is known for having great coffee (for the coffee lovers out there). Read more about Federal here.

Satans coffee was recommended to me by an absolute coffee fanatic, who when he travels makes sure to pack his coffee press, bean crusher, and scale. If he gives this place a thumbs up, I have no doubt that other coffee lovers out there will find this to be a good fit. 🙂

Buvette  Is a very cute and cosy cafe in the Sant Gervasi area (near the Turo park and other various shops in the Barcelona guide) which has very good selection of cakes. From carrot cake to apple strudel festive cupcakes and excellent lemon/strawberry granita (crushed ice with lemonade). 

Cosmo is a sweet cafe/restaurant with excellent juices and bakery, my favourites being the chocolate chip cookie, and the beetroot juice although  they occasionally have some danish cinnamon rolls which are a piece of heaven. Read more about cosmo and see some photos here.

Cup & Cake has various sitter restaurant/cafes around the city and all offer delicious bakery and meals, although go by slightly different names (Cup & Cake, Brunch & Cake, Travel & Cake). Any of these provide finger licking bakery and mouth watering food, although not your typical Spanish eatery, these little cosy nooks will be popular with the kids. Beware that the three sitter restaurants/cafes can get very busy, so if you can, call in advance, or go off peak times.


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