A pretty times table poster by Lollipop Design

lollipop design


How are your kids’ multiplication skills? We recently sat down with the pretty multiplication poster by Lollipop — a design based upon the ‘wheel’ method of learning tables, which makes it easier for children to understand and memorise the times tables. (You might remember Courtney’s post from last year, where she spoke about homeschooling and introduced the multiplication flowers.)



lollipop multiplication flowers

With the A3 times tables poster, a stack of worksheets is included, so we had a little session in which I worked with Pim and Sara on their multiplication skills (Sara especially has trouble with her tables). But of course Ava wanted to join in too — now that she’s in her third year of primary education, she’s learning to write and calculate (the first two years of Dutch primary school are still very playful).

multiplication flowers

It was amazing to see how fast she picked up the concept of multiplication by using the ‘wheel’ method. Before long, she was able to figure out the system by herself, using pencils to help her calculate. So cool!

The poster by Lollipop is a nice A3 size and I have put it up in our WC — which is the place where times tables (and birthday calendars) ought to go, right?

xxx Esther


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Annie from Brimful
December 8, 2016

Gosh darn it, how did I not see these charts….love it! I just ordered the origami notecards from Lollipop a few weeks ago….will have to remember this for next time. And yes – the WC is a good thinking spot….definitely a good place for learning math ☺️❤️. I always think maps should be placed on the walls of bathrooms too, lol.

Courtney in Australia
December 8, 2016

These look so great! And I love these pretty light-filled photos of your cute kiddos (and you!)!! xx

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