The London 2016 ShopUp (a recap in photos)








The London ShopUp wrapped up last night and it was, if I may say so, our best one yet! Even the weather was kind to us this year with not a single cloud in the sky (our rain curse must finally be over!). We had more than 3,000 visitors stop by, browse, shop and say hello. What a busy, bustling two days! We have loads and loads of images to share, and we’ll mostly let these pretty photos do the talking, but we’d like to recap a few highlights…


Babyccinokids Shop Up Photos by Big Bang Lightbox


The children were entertained by The Little Top and Paperbirds in the café area. There was also some fun gingerbread decorating with Clever Gretel.





There were some great snacks to taste if anyone was peckish. From the delicious frozen smoothies by Frills and the Hey Yum Organic candies, everything was yummy and healthy — not forgetting the great healthy GoGo Snacks by our sponsor Little Dish.

beautiful-products-at-the-shopup little-visitor lollipop-at-the-shopup lunch-lady-magazines-at-the-shopup shopup-shops2 tutus-at-the-shopup visitors-mingling wooden-toys-at-the-shopup


conscious-craft-at-the-shopup-in-london cute-products

Babyccinokids Shop Up Photos by Big Bang Lightbox

There was such an incredible selection of shops, each of them unique and full of treasures — literally something for everyone.



Of course Santa made an appearance again this year, and it was the perfect opportunity for the little ones to share their Christmas wishes and for the parents to take a great holiday snap (we posted some cute shots on our Instagram feed). The photo sessions with Mini Edits were also a massive success.

Our friend Bethie and her band the Wilford Social set the mood on Sunday evening with festive tunes, and we got to dip into the samples of delicious sparkling wine from Weinreich Wein.


I do want to say a big thank you to our amazing team with Rebecca and Miraya at the helm. It is such an amazing but intense event to set up and organise and it came together perfectly. Some of our lovely helpers have been with us since the beginning and it is always such a treat to have them on board again.

And of course another big thank you goes to all the amazing boutiques that joined us this year and made it the event it was. We are so honoured to be working with so many talented people and to bring all these small, independent brands together like this.

Bring on the next one…!

Emilie x

Thank you to our photographer Ricardo at Big Bang Light Box for all the pretty photos above. 


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December 6, 2016

I had a great time singing this year! I also managed to sneak in some excellent shopping between sets. 😉 Well done everyone on a great event!xx

December 6, 2016

Love the Christmas feel in all of these photos! Do you know where the tent (over the sofa where the photos with Santa were taken) is from?

Emilie in Paris
December 6, 2016

It was set up by the girls from the little top Maybe they can help?

Annie from Brimful
December 6, 2016

Looks so fab!! As always, well done ladies ❤️.

Emilie in Paris
December 6, 2016

Next time, come to London!!

December 6, 2016

Such a fun-filled two days! And SO many beautiful things to buy!!

Courtney in Australia
December 7, 2016

I’m SO bummed I missed this one, especially as you were all together in London!! It looks and sounds like it was AMAZING! I’m so proud of our little team and all the hard work that went into this event. xx

Esther in Amsterdam
December 9, 2016

We missed you!!!! xxx

December 9, 2016

You were there in our thoughts 😉 xxx

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