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‘Singing Away The Dark’ by Caroline Woodward






I absolutely adore the illustrations by Julie Morstad so when I picked up this book, Singing away the Dark from Niddle Noddle I immediately fell for it. It’s such a lovely winter time book and one of Florence’s current favourite bedtime reads.

Caroline Woodward, the author, was brought up on a small homestead in North Columbia in Canada. She recalls the time when a school bus was brought in to serve the local community and allow her to be taken to school. Still, however, her home was situated beyond the woods which each day she had to cross to get to her bus stop. The poetic lines in Singing away the Dark recalls momentarily those feelings Caroline had when passing through a particular area of woods when she could hear rustles and noises in the wind. To cheer herself up she’d sing songs in French and English to help her survive her journey.

When I heard of this childhood memory of Caroline’s I fall deeper in love with this book. I’ll happily read this book over and over again to Florence and always remind her to sing a song whenever she feels the need.


Singing away the Dark is available from Niddle Noddle and online from amazon (US).

Vanessa x


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June 21, 2017

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