Sweet stocking fillers (and the cutest clothes and toys!) from Lublue


It’s the time of year to think about stocking stuffers! Even though we don’t traditionally hang stockings in the Netherlands, I have happily adopted the custom after living in the US and the UK. I remember sitting at our table in London and sewing our stockings from fabric remnant I had cheaply gotten at the John Lewis curtain department — Sara was still a baby and I was pregnant of Pim. Stockings have been a Christmas tradition for us ever since that Christmas 10 years ago. I usually fill them with a candy cane, some useful gifts like fun toothbrushes and bandages (my kids LOVE them!), hair clips, socks, and a few little toys.

An ideal destination for the cutest accessories is the London-based boutique Lublue. Kate, who is a photographer and the mother of a 4 year old girl, started Lublue after spending the first three years ‘attachment parenting’ her daughter. She discovered over the years that she loves the way the Korean and Japanese dress their children and after finding a way to bring some brands to the UK, opening Lublue was an easy and natural decision to her.

LublueHere in the Netherlands, we’re already on the ‘stocking stuffers’ job as Sinterklaas is in the country and the children have been putting their shoes in front of the fireplace, hoping that the carrots and hay they left for the horse before going to bed will be swapped for ‘pepernoten’ and/or a little gift in the morning. So I have already been browsing Lublue’s sweet selection of gifts and clothes, and might or might not have hinted some ideas to Sinterklaas. ; )


Kate mixes Korean and Japanese brands with labels she loves from elsewhere, resulting in a lovely, fun and colourful collection of toys, fashion, accessories and decor items. Selecting some sweet stocking (or, shoe) stuffers was so fun. There are the cutest bags (3), darling tights and socks (2 and 7), and sweet hair accessories (1)… There are wonderful hand-woven cacti from Mexico (5) and sweet baskets woven from palm leaves in Morocco (6). Plus, I love the wooden handmade T-lab toys (4) — each toy is hand-carved out of the ‘Albizua’ tree (one of the quickest growing tropical trees) by artisans in Bali, and then painted by hand in Japan. So beautiful!

lublue fashion

I couldn’t help myselves and put together two fashion outfits as well. For a boy, I chose the adorable Buttercup Patch trousers (1) (I ordered them immediately for Casper — so stinking’ cute!), the Benebene checked shirt (2) and Robin Hood hat (3). Plus socks, of course (10). For a girl, there’s the Sewing-B Grid dress (6) combined with the Lala Kuma Bear bag (7), glittery star hair clips (5) and sweet knee socks (8). Adorable! And how fun are the special T-lab editions for Christmas (4 and 9)?!



My kids loved the gifts Sinterklaas brought them. Casper was playing hide & seek with the T-Lab animals that they got in their shoes the other day (the bull was hiding behind the cactus because he’s so dangerous). And Sara hasn’t taken her bunny hair tie off!


Seriously, everything at Lublue makes me smile, it is all so fun and playful. Exactly as childhood ought to be!!

xxx Esther

This post is sponsored by Lublue, a shop we love and a member of our portal. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support Babyccino!


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Helen in Amsterdam
December 1, 2016

SOOOO much cuteness!!

December 1, 2016

I love that your daughter wears a watch! I remember getting a watch as a young girl and I was so proud. Even today, I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t have my watch.

Esther in Amsterdam
December 2, 2016

She wears it every day!

Vanessa in Scotland
December 1, 2016

Such gorgeous little treats! I adore the animals. They’d be perfect for when the girls open their stockings in South Africa this year!

Esther in Amsterdam
December 2, 2016

Yes!! Perfect! x

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