5 Questions with Katrina Campbell of Katrina Campbell Photography


Gorgeous family photographs must be one of the very best gifts you can give yourself — and your children too. London-based Katrina Campbell specialises in capturing your family just as it is – your children being themselves, your daily life as you spend it, the beauty and love in your everyday interactions – meaning you’ll have a genuine moment in time, beautifully recorded, to treasure forever. We’ve enjoyed sharing our families with Katrina (aren’t these pictures of Esther’s family just divine!), so we thought it was about time to find out a little more about Katrina. She kindly answered our 5 questions.

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live and about your family.

As a child I was brought up around the world, moving country every four years as my father worked for the EU. I started school in Trinidad, West Indies at age 4 and was singing the Zambian national anthem at school every morning in Lusaka before I was even 10. We were a big family, 4 children in total, so setting up home in new places was always a great adventure. That said, we did all come to boarding school in England so this country has always been home.

Home for my children is quite different, as I’ve settled in a secluded, leafy pocket of North London where I live with my husband Sam, who works from home, and our three boys: Charlie 11, William 9 and Ned 5. Suburban life suits us all as the children can walk to school (not on their own yet, but that will come!) and there are plenty of parks on the doorstep, yet with a train station at the end of the road we still feel connected to central London.




2. Tell us a little bit about your service. Have you always worked as an independent photographer?

I worked in advertising before kids came along, but when they did I wanted to find something that would allow me to slow down and be more creative, not only in what I did but with my time. Photography had always been a great passion of mine, so it was a good time to rediscover it; firstly by photographing my own babies as well as those of NCT friends, and then in setting up business and developing my skills as a professional photographer.



My true love is family photography where I really engage with the children and parents to create beautiful images that capture their character. I work closely with the family right from the point of booking, through the shoot and to the important part of choosing images and working out what to do with them.




3. How would you describe your style?

Playful. I keep everything simple, use natural light, and prefer to work in whatever the environment presents me with – whether window light or hazy afternoon sun. The last thing I want to hear on a shoot, is ‘Smile for the camera’ … suddenly the children stand stock still and grimace and all is lost… Whether quietly or boisterously, the best family photographs happen when they are lost in the moment. It becomes less about posing for the camera and more about me capturing them at their most natural. I encourage children to play, and adults to either leave them to it or join in the fun!




4. What do you love most about your job?

Really, when I’m in that moment. The moment when everything comes together – the child, the setting, the light – and I feel that I am creating something beautiful. The second moment, which I love almost as much, is when I share the images with the parents and they realise it too. That’s a great feeling.





5. How do you juggle motherhood and your career?

It’s a constant juggling act, especially on the weekends which is of course when most families like to book their sessions, but with plenty of patience (from my husband) and a little bit of forward planning around kids’ activities, we generally manage to pull it off. That said, I am always so relieved when someone books a weekday session while the children are at school. I am now also spending more time taking headshots for individuals or small independent businesses, which as it turns out, I’m finding just as rewarding as the playful family sessions.

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