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Great gift ideas for a 4-year-old


It was Marlow’s 4th birthday last week and we had a fun-filled day celebrating the birthday girl. We woke early (jet-lagged!) and celebrated with bunting, balloons and pancakes, and we ended the day with a Mexican fiesta joined by friends here in Byron Bay.

She received a small selection of the most beautiful gifts, each one so treasured. With the holiday gift-giving season coming up, I thought I would share the gifts she received in case you’re looking for inspiration:

  1. Ruby Red Shoes is a charming series of beautifully illustrated books by Australian author and artist, Kate Knapp. We discovered her books earlier this year when we were in Australia, and I knew her newest book, Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London, would appeal to Marlow who still insists London was her favourite place she travelled to this year. ; )
  2. Have you seen the new collaboration between Polka Dot Club and Misha & Puff? It is every bit as perfect as you would expect. Marlow loves playing with the Mama bunny and her babies, which come with a little backpack for the mama to carry on her back. So sweet!
  3. We bought Marlow this 54-piece Janod puzzle which she has now put together at least a hundred times (no joke). It is the perfect size and difficulty for her age group, and she loves the princess and chariot illustration (available in the UK here, and this circus version is cute too!)
  4. A Sonny Angel because those are always a hit!
  5. My friend Aimee from Little Winnie gave Marlow the new grey-striped organic cotton nightshirt from her collection and it’s so cute.
  6. This Tiger Tribe Fabulous Felt dress-up set is like paper dolls but made of felt, so all the pieces stick to each other. Marlow is loving playing with all the cute outfits and dressing up the little dolls. (The only downside is the number of little felt pieces I’ve been picking up off the floor lately!) It wasn’t easy finding an online stockist for this, but I tracked it down here.


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Vanessa in Scotland
November 24, 2016

Such lovely gifts for Marlow – Happy Birthday to her!! I have had Ruby Red Shoes on my wishlist for about four years now. It’s so difficult tracking a copy down in the UK. How lucky that you are in Australia to pick them up so easily. x

November 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, little one… Her bunnies just couldn’t be more delightful!!!

Wendy Beaumont
November 25, 2016

Thank you for sharing these lovely gift ideas! I am already on to Tiger Tribe for some Xmas things! Happy Birthday to Marlow as well! I had a question, for a 4 year old to do a 54 piece puzzle seems extraordinary, do you think because Marlow is around her 3 older siblings that she is quite advanced? Would you also attribute it to lack of screen time, so more time to involve herself in productive activities like puzzles, etc? Just curious because my near 4 year old can not even do a 24 piece puzzle on her own without help! Thanks!! Hope life in Oz good so far! xx

Courtney in Australia
November 26, 2016

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for your kind comment and birthday wishes to Marlow. I wouldn’t worry that your 4-year-old isn’t able to do a 54-piece puzzle. I think all these kids advance at different stages and have different areas where they excel or struggle. Marlow has always been really advanced with things like puzzles and counting (nothing we have pushed on her), and I’m sure, like you said, it helps to have older siblings to learn from.
When she first opened the puzzle, all four kids did the puzzle together. The next time she did the puzzle, she and Ivy put it together. After that, she was able to do it all on her own. I think it also helps that we’ve been doing a lot of bigger puzzles together as a family and she dips in and out of them, helping out here and there. (I’d like to think this is also a result of no screen time for our children, but that’s so hard to know for sure.)
Anyway, I hope that answers your question?
Thanks again for your comment. xx

November 26, 2016

It must seem so strange that, now you are in Australia, Marlow has become the “Summer baby” and your other kids “Autumn babies”! That’s crazy Australian seasons for you ha ha!

Anna (in Colorado)
November 26, 2016

Puzzles are such a fun idea! It brings children together and I’ve always noticed how puzzles tend to bring out collaboration in groups of children not competition.

Courtney, I was also wondering if sometime you might do a post or offer tips on purchasing for a little without knowing the gender. I’m pregnant with my first and don’t want to know either. Yet I’m so surprised by how even newborn clothing is divided into boy or girl categories. Old news for veteran Mamas but it was surprising to me. Maybe Babyccino has already done this? If so, I apologize for my naïveté and I’d love a link.

Courtney in Australia
November 26, 2016

Hi Anna,
Thanks for your sweet comment.
I’m working on that exact post this week and it will hopefully go up in the next week or two!
Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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