KalenderHaus, a beautiful advent activity by Clever Gretel

Clever Gretel KalendarHaus

We just enjoyed a lovely long weekend, in which we didn’t do much more than cozying up inside our house in our pyjamas. The children played together endlessly — they built huts, set up a shop, made a city on our living room floor using masking tape, set up their Playmobil horse farm, crafted mini houses… We lit the fireplace and tons of candles, baked pepernoten and made a hearty soup which we ate while watching a film together. Our cocooning session was only interrupted by a long walk through the autumn storm. Oh, how I love this time of year!

Another special activity we undertook, was to prepare for advent by building the Clever Gretel KalenderHaus. We received this box in anticipation of next week’s ShopUp in London, where Clever Gretel is setting up a fun gingerbread decorating activity alongside our wonderful Santa. I can’t wait!

Clever Gretel
Clever Gretel

The CleverGretel KalenderHaus is by all means very clever. A beautiful, sturdy wooden box contains all of the parts needed to set up a gingerbread house — including 24 pretty paper bags with little surprise elements that are used to decorate the house during advent. I was so impressed by how everything was thought of so carefully; so much care and thought went into even the tiniest detail! And all of the different elements are so beautifully designed too. I love how the box is sturdy enough to protect the delicate pieces during shipment, how it is also used for the display of the actual advent bags, and how it can later be used as a pretty storage box.

Clever Gretel

Unwrapping the different pieces and setting up the KalenderHaus was a lovely family activity by itself. The children absolutely loved it! And it now looks so pretty and festive in our living room, waiting until at the first day of December, when we will open the first paper bag and start decorating our little house day by day, leading up to Christmas.
I can definitely recommend getting this pretty box for your family, it is such a very special and festive way of celebrating advent!

xxx Esther


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