Lollipop year planners

lollipop planner

I was in my friend Julie‘s lovely apartment the other day and as always I couldn’t stop gazing at all the pretty things around me. She’s just so creative and has such great style, it’s apparent in every little corner of her house!

One thing that struck me and which I thought was SO clever, was the year planner from Lollipop Design on her fridge. How organised! And how fun looking. Of course the Lollipop planners look great already, but Julie had added strips of masking tape to indicate school vacations and special family birthdays, making the calendar extra fun. (And seriously, looking at all the yellow masking tape — how much vacation do these children have?)

lollipop yer plannerI completely am stealing this idea (although I doubt that mine will look as stylish as Julie’s…!). The planner Julie has is the 2016/17 academic year planner, but there’s also is also a 2017 year planner available — very chic, with gold foil!

xxx Esther


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