Our annual Holiday Gift Guides!


I am literally still finding places to stash the Halloween candies away… and holiday season is already slowly making its way into our consciousness. To top it all off, it has even started snowing in Paris! Not long and it did not settle — but enough to get us into the mood and bring out the hats and gloves. I do love the seasons changing.

In timely fashion we have just launched our yearly holiday gift guide, full of our favourite gifts for the whole family. We have put together a list of sure-to-be-loved gifts for boys, girls, babies and a selection of the best stocking stuffers around — all chosen from our lovely shops.

I hope you like the selections and hope our guides will help alleviate some of the pressures of holiday shopping!



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November 18, 2016

Now that Christmas is coming I leave you a few letters for the kings mages and Santa Claus, free for the kids letters for kings mages and Santa claus for print

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