Worm London — they do flowers AND books


worm-colour-4898It’s no secret I love books, and I love flowers just as much. So when I came across a gifting service which perfectly mixes the two, then it was a given I was going to fall for them!

Worm London intrigued me right from their beginning. I found them on IG as I noticed something really unique about their bouquets. With such fresh bursts of beauty I adored what the girls did. And as I started following their posts, I noticed they have really awesome taste in books too!

Run and owned by friends Terri and Katie, their studio is located in Stoke Newington. As their website says, they “are a little company with a purpose of making people happy” and when you are the recipient of one of their gifts you will without fail have a smile on your face.

It’s such a great concept – you can either opt for the Earthworm which is the solo floral bouquet or you can opt for the Bookworm which is of course the bouquet together with the book. Here’s how it works – the girls ask you to write a little something about the recipient and they’ll do the rest. They always pick the perfect book and they even wrap the gift in the receivers favourite colour! Each bouquet is different, as the girls only choose the flowers they think are the most beautiful at the market on the day.


We were lucky enough to receive the Book Worm package which included a beautiful Wild Flower book – perfect for my girls and me to identify the names of the flowers we’re always picking. It was so thoughtfully wrapped I even kept the packaging! And now that the summer is over we’ve pressed our little finds amongst the leaves of the pages. It gives us such pleasure opening up the book to see our little flowers. Roll on the summer when we can find more….

Currently Worm London are limited to London postcodes for their delivery but I’m hoping some time very soon their pretty flowers will make a visit to Scotland where I can see their magic once again.


Worm London have recently announced their workshops where you can discover the true magic with your own eyes. Their Autumn Flower Arranging Workshop will be held in London this month alongside Russian bites, drinks and a some literature thrown in the mix too. Sounds dreamy to me!

Vanessa x


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November 5, 2016

Love the concept. Can’t wait for it to extend to other parts of the UK.
What book did they send you on Wild Flower? I’m looking for one for my daughter as i just got her a flower press. Thanks for sharing. Camille

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