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There is something that is always extra special about entering a nice bookstore — the smell of new books, the inspiring and sweet displays, being able to take the time to flick through books that you might not otherwise come across. It’s an experience in itself — and especially nice when you can share it with children. The Boekhandel Van Rossum bookstore is one of those book shops that really brings you back to the good old fashioned way of finding books for the family. There are many books to choose from that appeal to all ages and interests, the interior design of the store is modern and inviting, and there is a sweet children’s corner set up with a comfortable lounge chair for you and your little ones to relax and take the time to find the perfect book.

boekhandel-van-rossum-bookstore boekhandel-kids-corner

The staff are also incredibly helpful – they will happily assist you in choosing the right book for yourself, the children, or a gift. They know their books well, can offer useful advice, and if there is something special you really want they will look into ordering it in for you.


There is a great selection of English books for children of all ages, but if you are visiting Amsterdam and are looking for a special keepsake (or are in search of the perfect gift for friends abroad) then the translated Dutch classics Jip and Janneke and Scrumple are the perfect choice!

These sweet Dutch children’s books written by Annie M. G. Schmidt and illustrated by Fiep Westerndorp have formed a memorable part of Dutch children’s book collections for decades. The stories are sweet and carry a certain nostalgia of childhood — even if you are new to these characters.

jip-and-janneke vriendenboek

Boekhandel Van Rossum 

Beethovenstraat 32
1077JH Amsterdam

Opening hours:

Mon – Wed and Fri : 9:00 – 18:00
Thu: 9:00 – 21:00
Sat: 9:00 – 17:00
Sun: Closed


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