The Zoo of Barcelona

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Although I have a love hate relationship with zoos, I can still remember the feeling I would get when my parents would tell me that we were going to the Zoo. A sudden surge of excitement would come over me, and it wouldn’t go away until several days after having been to the zoo.

Nestled between the gardens of the Ciutadella Park, the Barcelona Zoo boasts of its green vegetation, and free ranging peacocks. Animals are separated by a thick bush, or waterhole, and between the enclosures you can find playgrounds or fun photo stands. The zoo has many things to offer amongst others there are bird shows, water shows and train tours. For children that are a little more daring, that are looking for something more engaging, there are little shetland ponies that can take you for a ride, or a petting zoo. However be aware of the innocent looking goats, they have no remorse in nibbling that pretty cardigan you are wearing, or gobbling your shinny hair.

Have fun!

x Claudia


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May 22, 2018

We are planning a trip to Europe this summer. I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant (and w/ a toddler). We are extremely experienced travelers, but would you recommend Barcelona for a family and expecting mama in August?

May 23, 2018

Hello LeAnna! To be honest I´m not sure I would recommend it for this stage in your pregnancy in August. Any other time of the year is fine, but late July August and Early September it can get quite hot here. Having said that there are people who thrive in hot weather, but if you want to see touristic things standing in line under the hot sun may not be your idea of holiday especially since that time of year there are a lot of tourists… Sitges (which is about 45 mins away) might be a better option depending on what you are looking for. Congrats on the pregnancy, hope you find your holiday match! 🙂 xx Claudia

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