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My husband passed his love of popsicles on to our daughter, and despite the arrival of cooler weather here in New York, they’re both convinced it’s very much still popsicle season. Our local coffee shop, along with nearly 30 other locations around the city, carries a small selection of the La Newyorkina paletas (Mexican ice popsicles made by hand with all natural ingredients) during the warmer months, and we’re always sad when the little freezer chest disappears for the winter. How exciting, then, to not only have popsicles – and a greatly expanded selection, at that – year-round, but to have the ability to try a whole range of other Mexican sweets! The new La Newyorkina full-service shop, located just a block south of Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, stocks more than 30 flavors of paletas, along with a range of ice creams, sorbets, and a special type of frozen dessert called nieve de garrafa which is made entirely by hand, cranking a metal bucket full of ingredients inside a larger wooden tub filled with ice, water, and salt until frozen.

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We stopped in this past Sunday on their third official day of business and arrived just as the shop opened for the day, giving us the luxury of having the whole store to ourselves while we debated which flavors to try. I loved seeing that they’d clearly thought about their youngest customers: several of the paleta flavors are made in a smaller size mold, perfect for little hands (or…tasting more than one variety!). My daughter started with a strawberry lime paleta before moving on to the coconut version, with shaved pieces of real coconut suspended inside. In a sign of approval, both were quickly devoured. We also tried full-size paletas in raspberry mango and piña colada, and Mexican vanilla ice cream.

Beyond frozen confections, the shop offers a range of tempting baked treats – brownies made with Mexican chocolate, spicy little pumpkin seeds, and Mexican wedding cookies – as well as coffee and Mexican hot chocolate. With so many delectable choices we barely scratched the surface of what’s on offer — all the more reason to come back soon!




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October 19, 2016

YAY! I was thrilled to see this awesome post in my feed today. La Newyorkina is my cousin’s shop…she puts so much love and perfection into her goods, using only the best quality ingredients and techniques. It’s always heartwarming to see how much joy she brings to everyone who gets to taste her special treats. Thank you for this great piece!

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