Team Favourites: 7 sweet swaddles we love!

best swaddles for babies

Did (do) you swaddle your babies? Did it help to soothe your babies to sleep? With all four of my babies, I was a hopeless swaddler! I think it was because my own (mild) claustrophobic fears prevented me from swaddling my babies — I just assumed they would be so miserable having their limbs restrained like that (silly, I know). I remember when Easton was born, my mom would swaddle him so perfectly and snuggly… and I would sneak over and loosen him up so his arms could be free. Haha!

But… of course I do love a good swaddle blanket. Not just for swaddling, but for keeping cosy, breastfeeding in public, wiping up messes, using as a sun shield over a buggy, or even a scarf for yourself, etc. The uses for a swaddle blanket are endless. It is definitely one of the best newborn essentials you can buy. (I can’t believe I have to start thinking about newborn essentials again!) This week I asked our team to share their favourite swaddle blankets and here is the list:

    1. The organic woven cotton blanket from Goat-Milk is such a soft, beautiful colour. Good to use as a scarf as well! – Esther
    2. The dip-dyed swaddles from Marloe London are so pretty! They can be personalised too – with your baby’s name or birth date – so these make a great gift. –Esther
    3. Everyone on our team mentioned using the swaddles from Aden + Anais. A true team favourite! (We like the more neutral patterns, and even like the natural simplicity of the earthly white 3-pack made from bamboo!)
    4. The beautiful swaddles from EllieFunday are made from organic double gauze cotton and are hand-sewn and hand-embroidered by marginalised women in India, giving them a fair wage and empowerment for their families. A special kind of swaddle! –Courtney
    5. Camomile London make the most beautiful double-layer reversible swaddles featuring gorgeous colour combinations and hand embroidery. So pretty to hang over the side of a crib! –Courtney
    6. The swaddles from Petit Pehr are beautifully soft and lovely; they truly get better with every wash. I love the delicate patterns! –Helen
    7. I love the swaddles from La Langerie for colder days and nights because they are thicker than others but still very breathable, and I must say they make swaddling much easier because they stay in place much better than any others. Plus I love their powder colours! – Polona


Courtney x

p.s. I’m hoping to share my full list of newborn essentials soon, but in the meantime here is a list of Polona’s Top 10 Mama & Baby Products.


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October 14, 2016

Thank you Courtney! I can’t wait for the full list!! xx

October 15, 2016

The Under the Nile swaddling blankets are my favorite. They are wonderfully soft, organic and have a bit of stretch that really helps the wrap stay put. They ended up being the only swaddles I successfully used. I had them in the hospital and my post delivery nurses loved them too.

December 7, 2016

[…] 2. White muslin bamboo swaddles from Aden + Anais (and see other swaddle suggestions here). […]

May 26, 2017

[…] I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always been a hopeless swaddler.  Instead, I’ve relied on a baby sleeping bag […]

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