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We had such a wonderful summer spending time with each other and travelling through Europe visiting friends and family. Life in the slow lane with the sun beaming down on us is just prefection. Discovering new places, visiting market places and simply soaking up the views makes for the best summertime. It seems such a while ago now but it’s lovely having those memories as we begin to cosy down for autumn.


What I also love about summer is the simple little dresses the girls get to wear and how much quicker is it getting ready in the morning without having to pile on the layers. One of my favourite items Florence wore this summer was this pretty printed dress from Kleine Woelkchen. Isn’t it just darling paired with her little market bag as she walks through the French historic streets of Autun?

Kleine Woelkchen is a Berlin-based brand I’m loving. Their playful dresses, airy skirts and cozy tunic blouses are all lovingly handmade. Helena equally has this stunning dress which she loves wearing out for alfresco dinners and I’m adoring the sweet waistcoats for this autumn.


Since returning back to Scotland Florence continues to wear her dress as a tunic and when the days gets cooler it will be perfect teamed with a stripy tee underneath. I really love how easy these clothes are to wear and oh how divine they all are.

Kleine Woelkchen currently has an online store and I’m sure you’ll agree once you see their collection you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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October 10, 2016

I love Isabells designs! And she’s such a sweet woman, too!

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