New (to me!) toy: Tegu Magnetic Blocks





Admittedly, I’ve spent the past year (blissfully) in a bit of a dark hole when it comes to discovering new toys. During our travels, our kids have gotten used to playing with what they can find around them — sticks, stones, ropes, etc. And to be honest, apart from the girls missing their tutus and dress-up clothes, the kids haven’t really missed the toys we left behind. Now that we’re nearing the end of our travels and will soon be settling, we’ll see how long this happiness-without-toys state lasts… but one thing I’m sure of is that when we do go back to buying toys, I only want to buy the very best, long-lasting, simple ones. The ones you keep around for future grandchildren to play with.

Blocks have always been one of the most beloved, most played with toys for my children. Their collection of Kapla blocks is something we put into storage and can’t wait to get back. We also have a set of wooden blocks which has been passed down from when my grandfather was a child. So special and so loved!

At the NYC ShopUp event last week, I discovered a new-to-me type of block set at the Rose & Rex booth: wooden and magnetic. So cool! The Tegu block sets come in natural or colourful collections. Each wooden block has a hidden magnet inside, so they easily connect to create all sorts of elaborate creations. (I may have spent an odd amount of time at the booth just playing with the blocks myself!) You can buy all sorts of different sets from pocket-sized sets to 42-piece block systems.

I know it’s probably too early to start talking about Christmas presents… but these would make for a wonderful gift to be treasured for years and years…

Courtney x


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Aja Lake
October 4, 2016

We love our Tegu blocks!

October 4, 2016

Hi Courtney! Curious if you bought a set and if so, which one?

October 4, 2016

Hi Courtney– we met at the NY Shop Up, I’m the mom who also traveled through South America & beyond with her little girl (then toddler), Lulu. Just had to write to say I bought her these Tegu blocks when she was about 17 months old– the very same color way, in the travel pouch pictured above– and the set was the one thing that enabled me to eat out in restaurants alone with her. They kept her occupied & engaged, so the blocks were our constant companion, also finding their way into our travel photos! I’ve bought the same Tegu travel pouch for friends’ babies as gifts time and again– totally big fan!

October 4, 2016

We have had these blocks for quite some time now and honestly, I don’t love them. Yes, the magnetic aspect is an interesting twist on the classic block, but the entire piece isn’t magnetic. Each piece has only one or two magnets, greatly limiting the way in which the blocks can come together in construction. Furthermore, the magnetic bond isn’t all that strong, so when my son and I do manage to build a structure, once he puts it to use with his “guys” or animals, it falls apart very easily and frustrates him. They are pretty and smooth to the touch, but in my opinion not worth the $$. You’d be better off with regular blocks a Day/or Legos.

October 4, 2016

Sorry, should be ‘regular blocks and/or Legos’c

Annie from Brimful
October 4, 2016

I’m with you Christy. When Tegu first came out, I was super exited about them and got a few sets for my kids. But over time, because of the design flaws you mentioned, my kids prefer their other block sets (Kapla, magnatiles, and Lego). I too wish all the sides were magnatized! That being said, they are beautifully made, the company’s mission is fabulous. I can see the little pouched sets being very fun for smaller kids. To each their own! C – have the boys seen the new hover boards that seem to have exploded in popularity over the last year? 😳🙈 (looks kinda fun, but not for a super klutz like me). 😘

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