Teething — with two sweet brands


We have a drooly, constantly sticking his hands (plural) in his mouth, six-month-old babe. He’s been teething for half of his life now, and still no teeth! Poor bubba. The teething began one day after we flew overseas for the start of our summer holiday. (What timing!) But there was no denying it, teeth are on the way and we needed to comfort him quickly.

Since he isn’t eating solid foods yet, the trick with frozen carrots or other foods to ‘naw’ on wouldn’t work. But we discovered two smart solutions that were especially great for summer travelling: lightweight, little, easy to keep clean… and stylish (a bonus). And these two teething companies (from my favourite two home cities) were the answer. Meet LexyPexy and Lara & Ollie.



These adorable and very whimsical wooden teethers from the NYC brand Lexy Pexy are great. Perfect to travel with (and safe for babies) while they are lying down, sitting in bouncers, or in car seats. And I especially love the Sullivan pretzel teether because he can get his little fingers into the cut-out twists of the pretzel while he chews away. And wood is naturally antibacterial so you just wipe it to keep them clean. It’s also non-splintering, which we put to the test daily since it is dropped often. I love the novel designs, great for new baby presents. And wherever we went, the pretzel went, attracting lots of attention as he nibbled away.



And this London brand, Lara & Ollie (run by two mums who have children with the same names as my husband and I) make adorable teething jewellery with all BPA free plastics. Soft to nibble on, stylish, with numerous colours to choose from. I love the Flora necklace which is great for wearing while the baby is in a carrier or you are holding him. And this Mint bangle, which looks cool when you wear several at once. My daughter loves to wear the jewellery as well. And the good news is that its easy to keep clean (after toddlers have played with it, in my case), since you just pop it in the dishwasher after a few wears.

Other teething tricks? I didn’t have to deal with this until my eldest was 9 months and it all seemed a bit kinder… teeth can be so cruel! What did you use to keep your little ones happy?

Lara xx


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September 29, 2016

What a cute cute baby! Love the photos, thanks for sharing.

Lara in London
November 3, 2016

Thanks!!! xx

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