Waldorf Window Star


I’m not very sure about where I first saw the Waldorf Star but I liked it so much (and it looked easy to make 😉 that I decided to give it a try. But after the first one I was obsessed! It’s truly one of the simplest things I have ever made and it looks so beautiful on the window – the way the light shines through is just magical! I decided to make a few miniature ones to put on the ceiling above Tila’s bed and she loved the idea.

Here’s how it’s made:


First you’ll need eight pieces of square-shaped kite paper (transparent paper). I used eight different colors but you can only use one or two or as many as you wish.


Now lay one on the table


Fold it in half lengthwise


Unfold and fold it again crosswise


Unfold and now you see creases forming four smaller equal squares


Pull and fold each point of the outer edge of the paper toward the center


Now turn the paper so one of the edges is pointing up


Fold one point towards the center line


And repeat the same with the other point forming a sharp point. That is it! This is your first star point!


Now repeat the same with other seven papers



The following step is to glue them together into a star, right? Put a little amount of glue into the lower right side of one point and put another one on the top so its bottom edge is lined with the center fold of the bottom point.


Now simply continue this process with the rest of the pieces until a star is born!

You can glue this beauty either with glue or tape right in the center window of your living room or children’s room. Or even better – on every window in your house!

Ps. Not that I made or shared this craft because of the fact that Tila just started going to the Waldorf school but I’m curious if and how many parents here have kids in Waldorf schools or kindergartens and what are your favorite crafts? I absolutely love Kirsten Rickert – she’s a Waldorf Guru with lots of inspiration on her Instagram feed.

– Polona

You can read more from Polona on her blog Baby Jungle or visit her online boutique Baby Jungle shop!


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September 27, 2016

Lovely project. Thanks for sharing. And yes, the Instagram link you shared is sooo inspirational.

September 27, 2016

I took all my babies to a Waldorf Mother and Baby class. I absolutely love Waldorf, the gentle rhythms, the making bread, etc. I love the wooden toys and the simple waldorf dolls. I love it all. But unfortunately for us we did not have a loving experience with other mothers at the school we attended, I found them judgmental and superior. When my daughter once mentioned Disneyland you would have thought I had introduced my kids to cigarettes. Perhaps this was one bad experience not to be repeated but I was a bit scarred from it. I remember once crying in the car on the way home at the way the mothers huddled together making fairy dolls while I sat in the corner with my baby alone. I hope you have a different experience!!!! Beautiful craft by the way!

September 28, 2016

Oh no Lisa, that is awful! I’m so sorry you had such disappointing experience with the Waldorf “community” and it brakes my heart the way those mamas treated you, that is so unWaldorfish 😀 I have the opposite experience here at our school. They are much more open-minded than I am (and I think I’m a normal Disneyland-kind of one 🙂 and they all want to hang out together all the time! And I’m in Germany haha! Maybe you could try another school? Their philosophy and crafts are amazing, I agree. I must say I prefer Montessori way of teaching even more but the amount of practical skills they learn and all the art and crafts they do convinced me to decide for the Waldorf at the end. And I also like how included the parents are – you can even join them in classes if you wish to learn something like (i do!) knitting, sewing, etc. Isn’t that amazing?

Esther in Amsterdam
September 28, 2016

I love this craft! Thank you for sharing! (And Lisa, sorry you felt that way! There is nothing worse that feeling judged for who you are. I hear you!!) xx

September 28, 2016

Ahhhh thank you both. Yes probably the area I live in. The teacher is German and she is lovely! I often find sometimes that when you join an established group it’s hard go ‘break in’ and join. Another post maybe?! I love the aesthetics of Waldorf schools !!!! Thanks for replying to me I love that you read my comments
And empathized. X

September 28, 2016

But of course we did Lisa 😉 I know exactly how it feels and also how much it means to feel understood! High-five for the Disneyland-mamas 😀

November 21, 2016

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