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One of the perks about visiting a city like Barcelona with kids is that you have an immense variety of things to do between the mountain and the beaches that aren’t just museums and attractions. And being a city with generally mild weather (if not too hot in summer) you can spend the majority of your days outside.

A little help goes a long way:

When packing for a trip with kids you can very quickly find that you have more luggage then what you can carry… There is a great service in Barcelona to make this a bit easier for you called Backpack Baby which is a site that allows you to rent anything from ; car seats, strollers/puschairs, high chairs or travel cots, as well as baby bathtubs, baby cookers, sterilisers, beach sets, games and toys… It can be for just a few days or for several months, but it makes it easier to travel light which is almost impossible with a large family!

Getting around the city:

You have many different methods of transport in Barcelona, but for the bus the metro and the trains you can buy a T10 (which is the most economical ticket coming out at about €1 a trip pp) and you can use it for multiple people. There are also several travel card options. You can use this site, or city mapper, or even google maps directions is surprisingly very good. Taxis in Barcelona are very affordable and usually have a meter on the inside. Keep in mind that children under the age of four in Barcelona can use public transport for free.

These is also a great app called Moovit which tells you which transports there are and which is the fastest.

Another option to getting around the city is renting bikes, there are many bike tour companies, and several also have child seats. Fat tire tours is one option

Trams: Although trams don’t travel all around the city especially not the city centre if you are staying a little on the outside this could be a good option to moving within an area:

There are two main cablecars in Barcelona. One is the cablecar of the port and the other the cablecar of Montjuic. One takes you from the Torre de San Sebastián, on the Barceloneta, to the Miramar lookout point on the hillside of Montjuic the The other other starts by the metro of Parallel (Mirador de Satalia) and finishes at the Castle of Montjuic.

Keep your valuables close:

Although Barcelona is generally a very safe city, this is also a place where a lot of petty crime takes place. There are rarely cases of violet crime, it is just usually crime of opportunity… Things like your usual habit of putting your cellphone of the table, or your bag hanging from your chair or resting on the floor are things to be avoided, especially in crowded areas like markets, and Las Ramblas.

If you can avoid…

I would hugely suggest not to visit Barcelona if you can during large congresses like mobile world congress since all hotel prices sky rocket, and the city becomes paralysed.

Enjoy your visit!

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