A different kind of BABYMOON (with two babies!)

a baby moon with babies

While in my last trimester I got the super (super) strong desire to go on an adventure abroad. So strong I was daydreaming in foreign languages! It became a craving. Visiting various London museums was fine, but I wanted to be submersed in another culture, and have an adventure somewhere completely new. But… I wasn’t so adventurous that I wanted to give birth to a baby while on holiday, nor did I want to risk being too tired to fully enjoy the trip. So I secretly planned a surprise trip for my family after the baby was born  — to Crillon le Brave, a sweet, small, and perfectly placed little hilltop town with a gorgeous and family-friendly hotel in Provence! A post baby moon, the perfect way to reconnect, and carve out a bit of extra time, in the sweet baby bubble as a new family of four. With sunshine!

So with our 3-year-old daughter and 8-week-old son, we hopped on a Eurostar train from London to Avignon for a lovely family adventure. I pre-packed everyone’s bag, bringing two light suitcases, snacks, a nappy backpack bag, and a bag of train activities. I also revealed little cards along the way with clues about where we were going.

We arrived a few hours later in Crillon le Brave.  (The hotel and the town have the same name). And here is what we discovered on our adventure…

a baby moon with babies

The first day we overdid it, we were action packed, rushing out the door first thing to a nearby town with markets, ruins, and spending time in the car on long journeys. After a few mini meltdowns, we decided we needed to relax a bit more, enjoy the hotel, and all it had to offer, and make sure we all took a nap each day. The next day we took a different approach. We traded in day trips for fun at our hotel swimming, playing boules, and walking around while soaking in the views. Taking it easy, and indulging, that is what our trip was about. Enjoying each other.

a baby moon with babies

And that realisation, that we were now travelling as a family of four with an eeny weeny newborn and a toddler, and that we didn’t need to do anything grand, that realisation made all the difference. So we went into first gear and let the hotel take care of us. That was what it was was designed to do. Whether it was to arrange spa treatments, babysitters, or bike rentals. And especially during our meals, we indulged in slow, long, and leisurely breakfasts (of more croissants than I will admit to!) while we read the paper, did French sticker books with Beatrice, played games, breastfeed, and baby Joseph took snoozy milky naps.

On the way home we all agreed that traveling on trains is much more relaxing (and easier) with a newborn, and perhaps with kids in general. The stunning countryside views are great for entertainment for children too- look for the cows, yellow flowers, tractors, etc on the way!

And did you know that there are family carriages on Eurostar? They are closed compartments in the first and last carriage of every train, and adjacent to the baby change area. It means that you don’t have to worry about making noise and disturbing romantic holiday passengers. (Phew!)

We returned home pampered from our hotel retreat, rejuvenated after our change of (stunning) scenery, educated on how to travel better with children, and prepared for our next adventure.

a baby moon with babies

Our first week away as a family, with a newborn, was never going to be action-packed. Instead we (mostly) stayed in one place… with picture perfect postcard views.  A post-baby babymoon indeed.

Lara. xx


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August 27, 2016

i am always afraid of traveling with kid even one but after reading your post, i reflect on myself. thank you. anyway that place is so beautiful!

Lara in London
September 8, 2016

Thank you Ruri, and hopefully you will be inspired to travel more!

August 27, 2016

Sounds like such a lovely trip! Looking forward to reading more from you, Lara.

Lara in London
September 8, 2016

Thanks Jen. Stay tuned for more… 🙂

Susan Buchanan
September 9, 2016

Hotel Crillon le Barve is perfect for family time and couples time and anytime… We love it.

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