Il Pecorino in Amsterdam-Noord


Waiting for ferry to Amsterdam Noord

Situated just north of Centraal Station and across the water from IJ-lake you will find Amsterdam-Noord (North Amsterdam), one of Amsterdam’s more up and coming neighbourhoods. In recent years Amsterdam-Noord has become an increasingly popular destination to visit due to both the urban-industrialized style of the area as well as the many hip and trendy shops, restaurants and attractions that are popping up. It also just so happens that one of Amsterdam’s best Italian Pizzeria-Trattorias is located in Amsterdam-Noord, providing the perfect excuse to explore this place for yourself!

Amsterdam Noord walking along the water Il Pecorino on the water Il Pecorino views Il Pecorino detail

Il Pecorino is situated right on the water’s edge in the IJplein area of Amsterdam-Noord. The restaurant offers spectacular views over IJ-lake, where you can watch the boats passing by as you dine, with the stunning backdrop of Centraal Station behind. The location is peaceful and the large outdoor terrace takes full advantage of the views, with plenty of outdoor seating available. The terrace is also partly enclosed by concrete barriers and glass windows that provide a windshield, so it is quite safe for children (but of course, always keep an eye on them as there is also seating that opens directly to the water).

Boats passing Il Pecorino

Whilst it is worth coming to Il Pecorino for the views alone, the food is equally impressive. All of the kitchen staff are Italian and they know how to make good Italian pizza, pasta and salads. The pizzas are prepared in the traditional Napoli way in a woodfired oven at high tempartures — and there is a large selection of tomato-based and ‘white’ (tomato-free) pizzas to choose from. The pasta is homemade fresh in Amsterdam by an Italian family that makes it according to a traditional family recipe passed down from their ancestors. All of the wine, beer and drinks are also Italian. It is really as close as you can get to being transported to Southern Italy itself!

Woodfired pizza

Playing at Il Pecorino

For children they offer a kids pizza (shaped like Miffy), spaghetti bolognese (served with scissors so you can eat like Pippi Longstocking) and, of course, gelato (served in fun animal cups kids can keep). If the kids become restless after their ice-creams, just behind the restaurant is a small community garden that anyone is welcome to walk through. It’s the perfect spot to let the little ones run around through the fruit trees and safely away from the water. You could even create a fun, educational experience in the community garden — talking about the different ways that our food grows and pointing out what foods you can identify there with your children.

Community garden in Amsterdam Noord Amsterdam Noord flowers Flower detail Amsterdam Noord

Getting there

The best (and nicest) way to get to Amsterdam-Noord is by ferry. There are several ferries that run regularly from Centraal Station to different areas in Amsterdam-Noord — all of the ferries are free to ride on and you can even take your bikes on board with you. To get to Il Pecorino you must catch the Centraal Station IJplein ferry. Once across the water, the restaurant is an easy walk along the water’s edge from the ferry port.

Views of central station from Amsterdam Noord Ferry to central station from Amsterdam Noord

Il Pecorino

Noordwal 1 1021 PX Amsterdam
tel:020 737 1511

Open Tue – Sun 12:00 – 23:00 (hot meals are served from 5pm)
Closed Mondays


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