Folks and Sparrows coffee shop in Le Marais


If you are strolling through Le Marais, you will love stopping by Folks and Sparrows, be it for coffee, cake and tea or a quick lunch! Everything looks and is delicious!

F&S_sparrowLocated close to other favorites like Merci, Maison Plisson, Bonton and Aesop, the coffee shop makes you instantly forget the crowded boulevards of Paris and feel like you are in New York’s West Village. The shop has rough stone walls, wooden beams and a gorgeous tile floor, all of which result in a very heartwarming atmosphere.


The owner is French but he was the manager of a restaurant in Brooklyn before starting Folks and Sparrows. You can just just feel that American vibe running through his veins! The team is lovely and very welcoming, making you feel super relaxed about coming into a coffee shop when it’s time for your 3 months old to eat. Believe me, it’s not often the case in Parisian cafés… I found it surprisingly easy to walk in, move around and even “park” the stroller in a space that seems quite small at first glance. I especially loved the vintage armchair in the back of the coffee shop and felt right at ease feeding my baby. Stylish magazines are also on hand if you just want to disconnect your phone for a moment and enjoy your coffee reading.

F&Sus F&S_bonvoyageIf you are a tea lover like me you should absolutely try their organic Masala Chaï blend, it is divine! I couldn’t go home without a box! It comes nicely packaged in a brown glass apothecary jar, the kind of details I have a soft spot for. The raspberry-matcha cake was also a treat! I was there a bit early to have lunch but the sandwiches sure looked mouth-watering. A few quiches and tartes are also on the menu, along with cakes, cookies, muffins and all sorts of cold and hot drinks.

5_F&SteaandcakeThere is a wall covered in nice wooden shelves where you will find a selection of beautifully packaged fine foods for any taste, making it almost impossible to leave without finding a little treat for yourself or for gifting.

6_F&SfinefoodsFolks and Sparrows
14 rue Saint Sébastien
75011 Paris

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM


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