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Borough Market often referred to as London’s larder has a rich and fascinating history dating back approximately 1000 years. In medieval times customers in the City were forbidden by law to cross London Bridge into Southwark to purchase cut price goods from the market. Nowadays you will find hordes of City workers making the short walk across the river in search of a gourmet lunchtime treat.

The bustling market consists of more than 100 stalls, selling fresh produce and artisanal foods such as breads, cheeses, fruit and veg, fish, meats, wines, coffee, cakes and pastries. Alongside the produce stalls you will also find a mouthwatering selection of street food stalls, perfect for a quick and easy bite. With so many delicious choices on offer it’s a good idea to visit on an empty stomach – though be prepared for lengthy queues and a significant dent in your wallet.

Borough Market is open 6 days a week, Monday- Saturday, from 10 am weekdays and 8am on Saturdays. On Mondays and Tuesdays a limited selection of stalls are open, mostly fruit and veg and hot food stands. During the remaining days a full market is in operation. You will find weekdays a much calmer scene, with a high proportion of local office workers making up the lunchtime trade. On Saturday the market takes on an altogether different energy. Saturday mornings are heaving with shoppers jostling alongside chefs and restaurateurs for the best pickings. Then crowds of hungry tourists flood the aisles and queues at the food stalls can be interminable.

The best time to visit, especially with kids in tow is a Thursday or a Friday around 11am when the market is in full swing. Kids will love the riot of colours, sounds and smells and the bountiful taster samples on offer. Plus the market traders are more than happy to engage customers with their culinary knowledge, making it a fun environment to teach and inspire children about food. My kids loved searching out food stalls from as many different countries as they could find, our highlight was discovering delicious alfajores from Argentina.

The easiest way to access Borough Market is by train to London Bridge. Parking nearby is available but can be busy and expensive. This renowned gastronomic hub is a must for food lovers, but avoid the busiest times if you aren’t a fan of crowds.

Borough Market, Southwark Street, London, SE1

Kate x


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August 17, 2016

Hello Kate,
I’ve been following your feed for quite some time and awhile back you and your family traveled to Harbour Island on what looked like a great holiday. My family has decided to travel over the Christmas break and we have our heart set on Harbour Island. I was wondering if you could let me know of any suggestions for accommodations/activities.
All the best,

Kate in London
August 31, 2016

Hi Kelsey, I’m so sorry I missed your comment on here. I thought I’d seen it on Instagram & then couldn’t find it – apologies for my slowness. Could you send me a direct message on instagram with your details, I’d be happy to give you the low down on Harbour Island it is a truly beautiful place. Many thanks, Kate

Sian Robinson
August 31, 2016

just seen this in time…..hopefully! me too please, i’d be most greatful. Been meaning to ask since you’ve been. Kindest Regards Sian

September 14, 2016

[…] that at the weekend transforms into a bustling food market. Although much smaller than nearby Borough Market (read more here) it still manages to pack in an impressive selection of high quality, food and drink stalls. Its […]

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