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Leap & Hop travel books

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Leap & Hop Paris travel book


My friend Henley from Passported recently introduced me to the wonderful Leap & Hop series of travel books for children, and I only wish I had known about these earlier! The children would have loved filling out the Sri Lanka book while we were there a few months ago. I think it’s such a wonderful way for children to discover a new destination (and a great way to keep them entertained during long flights and travel days).

I have since been in touch with the author, Isabelle Demenge, who shared her story with me, explaining why she’s created a series of travel books for children.  In 2008 she had moved from New York to Hong Kong with her three boys and she was looking for books to engage the children as they started exploring the region. After finding nothing, she prepared a personal travel journal and scrapbook for the kids for their Cambodia trip in 2010. It was such a hit that she started writing a book for her children every time they went on a trip. (This reminds me a bit of the journal entries we prepare for our own children when we reach a new destination!)

Isabelle has since created nine beautiful and captivating travel books for children and she plans on launching more cities later this year. I hope to put the Bali book to use soon! ; )

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Annie from Brimful
July 28, 2016

These look fab!

July 28, 2016

I would also love to put any of them to use!!!!! What a lovely idea thanks for these!!

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