Watercolour flowers

A flower birthday party-1-3

Last week Ava and I created invites for her birthday party — a last minute plan, so we had to work with the materials we had in the house. Since we had come up with a flower theme, we watercolored little flowers on white cards, and it was such a sweet activity with such cute results that I thought I’d share it here with you.

Watercolour flowers watercol

We used natural watercolours (made from highly concentrated plant extracts), which make beautiful, deep colours. Making little flowers and petals and leaves was so nice! As a final touch, I added a few little details in gold gouache (to make it extra ‘chic’).

I will definitely do this more often with the children, the result really is sweet — for cards, or to decorate small presents even.

xxx Esther


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Vanessa in Scotland
July 18, 2016

This is such a lovely idea and they look so pretty! I love the look of those watercolours too. I’ll have to treat the girls to a set. Thanks for sharing Esther.

July 18, 2016

They are gorgeous! Sweet summer holiday afternoon activity x

August 30, 2018

These invitations are gorgeous, so lovely. I love the colors of these paints. Your link does not work any longer- could you tell me the name of the brand who makes these natural paints? Thank you!

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