New video: How to make rhubarb compote (and the perfect porridge)

picking rhubarb

Ava and rhubarb stem

making rhubarb compote

Courtney and Ava eating porridge

When I was in Amsterdam last month for our team meeting, I was sitting inside at Esther’s dining table (preparing notes for the next day’s meeting) when I looked outside and saw Esther’s enormous rhubarb bush! I couldn’t help but get up from the table and walk out to admire it! Our discussion turned to rhubarb compote – one of my very favourite things to make with rhubarb – and within minutes we had decided we should make some. Obviously way more fun than planning a meeting! ; )

Rhubarb compote is surprisingly so easy to make and it’s delicious paired with porridge, yoghurt, ice cream, granola, pancakes, and the list goes on.  I love that you can make it sweet or slightly tart depending on your taste (I like it a little bit tart), and if you have enough rhubarb you can make a big batch of it and keep it in a jar in your fridge to enjoy throughout the week. Yum!

At the last minute, we decided to film a video tutorial while we cooked the compote and porridge. We shot the video all in one go, no re-takes, and ended up with this little video for our YouTube channel. (I’m slightly embarrassed I fumble over my words and repeat myself so many times, but hopefully the how-to is clear. Eeek!) Here is how to make rhubarb compote and the perfect porridge.

Courtney x


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July 15, 2016

What a lovely video – and such an adorable assistant! I’ll make both of these thank you. Can I request a pancakes video and recipe too! Fat and skinny!!

Courtney in London
July 20, 2016

Thanks for your comment, Phillipa! We’ll try to do a pancake one soon – fat and skinny! x

July 15, 2016

Oh Courtney,
please don’t be embarrassed. You are so cute! What you mention above is what I really love to see – that even you are not “perfect”, which makes me like you even more. I hope that sounds as nice as I mean it! Your smile is so contagious. And your assistant is just lovely.
I would love to know, if you add something to the oatmeal? Or really just oats and milk, like I understand it?
Thank you!

Courtney in London
July 20, 2016

Thank you, Kosima, for your sweet comment. For the oatmeal – it’s just oats, milk and a sprinkle of salt. (We had to edit the video down because it was way too long, and the bit where I add the salt was left out. But it’s a crucial ingredient, so thank you for reminding me to point this out!)

July 17, 2016

Lovely! My rhubarb is ginormous this year and I am running out of ideas, usually doing clafoutis, rhubarb/apricot jam and more recently your lovely coffee cake but next time will be compote! Thx

Courtney in London
July 20, 2016

Oooh I love that coffee cake recipe! One of my favourites. xx

July 18, 2016

I grew up eating rhubarb compote with strawberries (or sometimes saskatoon berries from the Canadian prairies) on oatmeal. This recipe brought back many memories! Thanks for sharing 🙂

July 18, 2016

Love it. Best assistant ever;) xx

July 21, 2016

adorable! can’t wait to make this 🙂

December 29, 2017

Such a cute video, could I ask where your gorgeous dress is from?

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