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Are We There Yet? by Jo Pink

Are we there yet?

Special Number platesFor some of us the summer holiday has begun, and very soon we are about to embark on our annual roadtrip through Europe. We have a lot of miles to cover and I have already a pile of really exciting audio books packed which we all can’t wait to listen to. In addition we have some fun games to play too, all coming from this little book Are We There Yet? Packed with ideas and covering topics such as spotting games, guessing games, action games, imagination games, word games and general knowledge this is a dream of a book for all parents who take long distance holidays.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • The Bong Game – a great game to play over a short amount of time. One person in the car has to answer questions about themselves for a minute without saying ‘no’ or ‘yes’. Once they say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ they are given the gong – Bong!
  • Red Car! – one of Florence’s favourites. So simple and fun! See who can spot a red car first. The person who spots it yells out, “Red car!” and gets a point. If they yell out “Red Car!” and it’s not, then it’s minus a point.
  • Special Number Plates – Keep a look out for number plates that spell out real words – no matter how short for example, IT, OR, AS etc. It’s a tricky one!
  • Danger, Aggressive Carrot! – We’ve played this game over and over again and now we’re doing a dutch version of it. This ultimately works in every language. Read out the number plate letters, such as DAC. Then the person nominated has to think of a phrase or sentence with those three letters such as, Danger Aggressive Carrot!

It’s a great book and one I recommend for the long summer holidays ahead. Available from amazon (US) or (UK).

Happy holidays!
Vanessa x


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Courtney in London
July 6, 2016

Love the look of this book! xx

Esther in Amsterdam
July 7, 2016

We have this book in our car!! We love it! (I think you recommended it to me last year??) xxxx

July 8, 2016

I did!!! So pleased you are enjoying it xx

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