Adult fashion from Macarons!


You know how we’re always wishing for some of the beautiful kids fashion brands we love to start making adult fashion? Well, lucky us — one of our favourite labels, the German eco fashion brand Macarons, has recently come out with a small but fabulous line of their gorgeous jumpers in adult sizing! Fabricated in their signature double-knit, 100% organic cotton, these classic pullovers are not only as eco conscious as possible, but are also super good-looking and — Tamar and I can attest! — extremely comfortable to wear.

I’ve written before how much I respect Julie and Veit for their dedication to produce 100% ecological fashion, which is always fabricated in the EU, using ultra modern production methods but also making use of the ancient old knowledge, techniques and craftsmanship which is locally available. I know the road to making their brand successful has not always been without bumps — it has been a challenge to find the right producers and to make sure the quality of their collections has been outstanding and confirming to the strict eco-conscious guidelines they set for themselves when they started their brand, keeping everything in balance with the retail prizes they have to charge to make their clothing accessible. Thankfully, they have stood strong and have kept developing, and have created such an amazing label.

In these photos, which Emilie took when she was in Amsterdam a couple weeks ago (thanks, Em!), Tamar is wearing his reversible classic pullover, I’m wearing the female version of that, and Sara is wearing the short sleeve vest (also reversible). I can’t wait to see the next adult line Macarons will launch — we are already such big fans! (I’m secretly hoping for these jacquard leggings that Sara has been wearing all winter — I love how cool they are and totally want them in my size!)


xxx Esther


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Annie from Brimful
June 27, 2016


June 27, 2016

Good-looking guy!

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