Sissonne, a beautiful new brand from Portugal




During Sara’s horse riding class and Pim’s tennis class on Monday afternoons, I always have an hour to spend with my littler two — and if the weather is nice we like to hang out at the terrace of the manege, which is located in the middle of the forest south of Amsterdam. We drink hot chocolate, throw stones and sticks in the water, and those sort of things. Nothing much. So nice.




Last week I brought my camera, because Ava and Casper were both wearing an outfit by a kids fashion brand I wanted to highlight here on the blog — a new label from Portugal called Sissonne. The brainchild of Inês and Ana, two longtime friends from Oporto, Sissonne launched their first collection this season and it is immediately so spot on and perfect that it feels they have been a long-time player on the market. Gorgeous classic silhouettes manifest that every single garment is a reinvented classic from Portugal’s cultural heritage, modernised and executed in contemporary styles, details and fabrics.



I love the natural fabrics like the shabby-chick linen/cotton blend in the blue stripe shirt that Casper is wearing, and the pretty details like the knit top part of Ava’s pink linen dress. The taupe sarouel shorts can be worn longer or rolled up for a shorter style, and are so cute.

The timeless Sissonne collection is full of items that are perfect for special occasions, but are versatile and easy enough to wear daily and during play, or for lazy afternoons at the terrace of our manege. ; )

xxx Esther


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June 24, 2016

Beautiful! I just love linen clothes and Casper and Ava are so cute!!! xxx

Courtney in London
June 24, 2016

What beautiful photos!! (And those cute trousers on Casper are just adorable.) xx

June 24, 2016

love it! thank you for another recommendation babyccino crew x

Ellie Hall
June 24, 2016

Such gorgeous photos Esther! And what beautiful clothes – thank you for sharing! A random question but, you’ve mentioned a giraffe height chart you have previously and I wonder if you can recall the make? Thanks! 💕

Esther in Amsterdam
June 26, 2016

Hi Ellie, thanks!! I think you mean the giraffe height chart by Corby Tindersticks?

June 25, 2016

Oh, these photos, they both look so grown up and are beautiful!

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