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Introducing Lara in London


A few years ago, when Casper was still a little baby boy, I visited Courtney in London and we took a baby yoga class together from Nadia Narain at our old ‘hangout’ in Primrose Hill, TriYoga. At the end of the class we started chatting to a cute fellow mum, Lara Curry, who was there with her adorable baby girl Beatrice.

Lara is an American girl who once visited London for a short break, but never left after she met the Brit of her life. She is a born and raised city dweller (New York being her home town), but loves to be surrounded by oceans, trees and flowers as well. She loves traveling, scouting flea markets, food, friends and family. We love her sweet, happy nature and her great sense of style!

Lara recently gave birth to her second baby, a little boy called Joseph who is now 13 weeks old, and we’re so happy that she agreed to blog for us about her favourite things! She’s going to share some great baby discoveries, thoughts and tips about her pregnancy, and other things she feels like sharing.

Welcome, Lara!

xxx Esther

PS Photos by our talented friend Maud Fontein, who was recently in London for one of her family shoots.


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Rachel | The Little Pip
June 21, 2016

Welcome Lara. I will be following your posts with interest as I am also in North London, and have a 4 year old daughter and a 9 week old baby boy.

Lara in London
June 23, 2016

Thanks Rachel! Congrats on your new baby boy too! What an exciting journey to be on. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as another new mamas to two kids!

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