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The Crafting Bible

Craft book cover

If you know who I am and have seen my posts here you will know I love crafting! I really, truly do, and I could do it all the time. And I’m always curious and love learning new techniques from sewing, stamping, felting, dying, making jewelry, home décor, you name it – I want to learn it!

Craft rubber stamp

I wish I had discovered this baby I call ‘The Crafting Bible’, which is actually called Craft: Techniques & Projects. I came across this book in a bookstore and was immediately sold.

Craft soap

I just love how it contains so, so many different techniques but all so very doable for both “beginners” or let’s say people that don’t craft all the time or for those who don’t have too much talent but wish to learn and also for us who (want to) do it all the time but still want to learn some new techniques or need ideas.

Craft felting

From textile crafts, to paper crafts, ceramics, soaps and candles, jewelry everything on more than 300 pages and what I love the most – everything explained in such a very simple way and presented with lots of pictures for every single craft! I was amazed it even contains basket weaving! I always wanted to learn that.

Craft basketry

Ok, I have to admit I didn’t end up buying it in that bookshop, because it costs over €30 there but it’s reduced for over 70% over on Amazon. And it’s a hardcover, which is pretty important for books that get a lot of flipping through. 😉

Craft wreath

Ps. Do you know an enthusiastic crafter that has a birthday coming up soon? I know of a great gift – look up!

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June 20, 2016

Hello Courtney, I really like the ideas you share via your blogs and Instagram. However, I think you should not promote Amazon in a way you did above, because due to the business practices of this huge company, many smaller shops expericence difficulties or are put out of the market. I support my local family-run bookshop by ordering though them most of the books buy.

All the best,


June 20, 2016

“… most of the books I buy.”

June 20, 2016

I am really sorry, but just saw I addressed my comment to the wrong author. So it should read: “Hello Polona, …”

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