Gallery 196

Gallery 196_exterior

Gallery 196 door

With its entrance tucked around the corner from the main shopping street in Primrose Hill, this charming shop can almost be mistaken for one of the many pretty homes lining the street – or be overlooked entirely if you’re not careful. And yet, it’s one of my very favourite shops in the neighbourhood and worth a visit to Primrose Hill on its own.

Walking into Gallery 196 feels like you’ve stepped into a treasure trove in India with its colourful displays of exotic textiles, pretty baskets, vintage rugs, cushions, jewellery and other handcrafted gifts. The owner, Sue Richardson, is warm and inviting, welcoming you into her little shop, happily telling you the story behind each and every item in her shop. She is passionate about celebrating the craftsmanship and skills of local artisans from around the world, and her collection reflects both her passion and eye for beautiful products.

Gallery 196 interior detail

Gallery 196_interior

Sue Richardson in Gallery 196

Gallery 196 shop

In addition to textiles and homewares, Sue also has a charming collection of little gifts and knick-knacks for children – from leather satchels to embroidered coin purses and animal figurines. Additionally, she has a selection of cute tunics and kaftans for kids, which are perfect for the beach. It’s a great place to pick up unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else in London.

Ivy and Marlow outside Gallery 196

Gallery 196 is open every day except Mondays and is located at 196 Regent’s Park Road (across from Cowshed and kitty-corner to the bridge into Chalk Farm). Don’t miss it!


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Sue Richardson
June 16, 2016

Thank You so much Courtney for writing such nice things about our shop ! You have a fabulous blog going here I wished I had had something like this to tap into when my kids were growing up ! Wishing you much happiness with all your adventures ! Sue x

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