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a to z magnatab

forming letters

magnetic letters

Florence loves to write. She’s always picking up some postcards or writing paper and jotting down little notes to family and friends. I love how she asks for stamps from me so she can post them in the letter box too. Although it’s getting slightly expensive on the postage side! So when I found this magnetic tablet by KidO I thought it was a perfect toy for her. And because we love travelling I thought it would be great to take away with us this summer time. Little did I know it would also be the perfect entertainer this week whilst Florence is nursing her broken leg.

Based on the idea that the magnetic stylus is the pen and the bead board is the paper I think this is a genius idea. The ball bearing rise up when the stylus passes over it. So far it has really helped Florence’s hand grip and she is learning to form her letters while still enjoying the idea of writing. The game really helps her concentration skills and she is fascinated by it.

Available from Smitten for the Wee Generation for US readers and Niddle Noddle for UK readers. I am loving all of KidO’s magnetic range. The glow in the dark magnatab looks equally cool!

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