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For children in New York, summer unofficially begins when the sprinklers, or spray showers, turn on in parks and playgrounds. Nearly every play space has a water feature and the anticipation of the first truly warm day seems to be a May ritual, with children willing the temperature to break 80 degrees fahrenheit in order to trigger the activation of the cooling sprays. In the summer months my daughter spends plenty of time playing in our neighborhood sprinklers, but a recent weekend search for a destination sprinkler brought us to Pier 25 in Tribeca. Jutting west into the Hudson River, Pier 25 is a child’s fantasyland, with a large splash area that contains a range of water features, from gentle single streams to large buckets suspended high above the ground that periodically empty themselves on thrilled groups of children below.



But the splash pad is merely the start of the offerings at Pier 25. As the longest pier in Hudson River Park, the pier has room for a number of distinct play zones – everything from a skate park and a giant sandbox to a climbing wall and a seasonal mini golf course. Swing sets, playground equipment, a large synthetic turf field, a snack bar, and sand volleyball courts round out the amenities on the pier itself. Moored around the perimeter, two historic boats offer a glimpse into the maritime past. The Grand Banks, a fishing schooner once part of a fleet that fished the North Atlantic and then ferried salt cod down to South America, now serves as a floating restaurant of sorts, offering oysters, cocktails, and seasonal small plates. The Lilac, closed during our recent visit, served as a lighthouse tender, ferrying supplies to lighthouses and buoys for the U.S. Lighthouse Service and the U.S. Coast Guard. Now a floating museum, the ship is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has the potential to become a National Historic Landmark.



Lovely views extend in every direction from the pier – the tall buildings of the Financial District downtown, Jersey City and Hoboken across the river in New Jersey, and boat traffic galore plying the Hudson, including three giant cruise ships while we visited. Ample areas to sit and relax (when not chasing after excited children!) are on hand throughout the pier so go and make an afternoon of it. I know for certain we’ll be back.


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November 19, 2016

[…] Pier 25 is family fun at its very best: mini golf, several play areas, a skate park and climbing wall, and an expansive splash pad for the warmer months. […]

February 1, 2017

[…] York has plenty of destination-worthy playgrounds and public spaces, but I find myself continually thankful for the existence of the smaller […]

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