Dr Jackson’s Natural Skin Care

When the lovely Luisa from Niko and Ava told me about Dr Jackson at our LA ShopUp and described him (and I quote) as the “Indiana Jones” of skincare, I was more than intrigued.


She very kindly sent me some of Dr Jackson’s products to test and now I am not intrigued anymore. I am addicted! Dr Jackson’s only uses pure natural ingredients which he has discovered on his travels all over the world. He has spent years testing the right mixtures for his creams and tinctures. I love the fact that when you look at the ingredients they are all plant products – nothing else.


The research has been worth it – the products are simply amazing. I especially love the Facial oil which I have been putting on at night and facial wash, which is refreshing and gentle and, very importantly, removes all the Parisian grime off my face. Also, how lovely do these bottles look?



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May 31, 2016

I love face oils and have been using Rodin for years. I am going to try this one to mix it up a bit. Thanks for the tip!

Annie from Brimful
June 1, 2016

Ooo, I’m intrigued now too! Always on the lookout for a good facial lotion 😊👍🏻.

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