The stories of Fiep Westendorp on Storytiles

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Fiep Westendorp is a name that all Dutch people know. She was the sweet lady who so creatively illustrated the famous stories of the late Annie MG Schmidt, one of the Netherlands’ most famous children book writers. Fiep Westendorp came up with the clever silhouettes of Jip and Janneke, and is as responsible for their fame as Annie M.G. Schmidt was. Millions of children grew up with Fiep’s darling and characteristic drawings. I did! And so do my children.

Story tiles
Seeing Fiep’s work makes me happy! Marga and Judith, the two pretty sisters behind the decorative Dutch tile brand Storytiles clearly thought so too, because they collaborated with the Fiep Westendorp Foundation to create a series of tiles celebrating Fiep’s 100th birthday.

Storytiles give old tiles a new life with sweet, funny collages. Tiles are traditionally baked in Holland, so a very very Dutch product, full of tradition but with a modern swing. With the cute characters of Fiep Westendorp, Storytiles tell an even Dutcher story. So cute for the kids room!

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