Burrow Patisserie



There is hidden and then there is hidden: I walked by Burrow on my way to and from work and while out and about for nearly a year before becoming aware of its existence. It’s the kind of place you have to know you’re looking for, because from the street there is absolutely nothing to indicate that buttery pastry goodness is 50 feet or so away, off the back of a nondescript lobby in a nondescript building on Jay Street in Dumbo. Thank goodness for Instagram, then, where I saw a posted photo of two of Burrow’s brilliant portrait cookies. Just visible in that same photo was a box bearing a label with the shop’s address: 68 Jay Street. I visited the next day.


I’ve been back again and again since. The cookies are somehow both delicate and rich without being too overbearingly sweet. I especially love the sables and the chocolate and toffee cookies, and my daughter is a fan of the apricot oatmeal cookies, which are thin and chewy. The pastries are exactingly executed, each one more improbably perfect and delicious than the last. Here the Gâteau Basque is my favorite, and it’s probably best we not talk about the number of times I’ve purchased a slice and been unable to resist eating it on my walk home, arriving with a box bearing nothing more than crumbs. That the cookies and pastries are incredibly artistic and beautiful comes as no surprise when you learn the owner, Ayako Kurokawa, was the pattisier at The Modern, MoMA‘s high-end restaurant, before opening her own bakery.


When we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday, I made a small ricotta raspberry cake for her to eat and then purchased a stunning chocolate portrait cake from Burrow for our family and friends to enjoy. A grandiose party finale if ever there was one, it helped to mark our first year as parents and our baby’s tradition to toddlerhood. Sweet memories indeed.

One note: the shop offers coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in addition to the cookies and pastries but seating is very limited, so it’s best to plan to take your purchases with you to enjoy elsewhere.


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