Flyaway, Illustrated by Lesley Barnes


readingFlyaway is one of those pretty picture books which every time you open up you discover something else on the page. The detailing is so intricate and fascinating it has children of all ages captivated.

Illustrated by the talented Lesley Barnes who has shown at film festivals worldwide with her incredible animations and has won numerous awards with her divine illustrations. Her first book Jill and Dragon was an equally uplifting story which we love too and when you see some of her work here you can see how this is such a wonderfully complex book.

counting keysThe story goes that a princess captures a bird which she keeps trapped in a cage until one day it manages to escape. The princess continues to chase the bird around the castle until she realises it wants to be set free. And it’s on each double page that perfectly detailed sceens of the castle are shown and you are asked to find 10 pears, or 10 horns etc.

There is so much to this book – it’s a counting book, a concept book and it has a beautifully thoughtful story. It’s no wonder Florence is absorbed each afternoon with it.

quietly engaged

counting butterflies

Can you find 10 birds?Flyaway is a wonderful story book for children of all ages and is available from Amazon (US) and (UK).

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Courtney in London
May 24, 2016

Oh this book looks so beautiful!! Not that I want our travels to end, but I can’t wait to be back in a book-buying phase of life. : )

Esther in Amsterdam
May 24, 2016

It sounds so beautiful and captivating. I love it when there are so many levels to a book. I think Casper is going to love this — he is so into counting these days! xxx

Lara in London
May 19, 2017

I just bought this book and we love it. What intricate illustrations!

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