Petersham Nurseries

choosing veggie plants Petershams Teahouse the garden centre

Take the train from central London to Richmond Station and follow the high street through town toward the river. Turn left and walk along the river past the cafés and kayak sheds. Cross the pasture filled with buttercups and cowpies, and venture toward Petersham Nurseries. Set within this lovely garden centre is a restaurant that will impress on many levels with delicious food and beautiful décor.

Head-chef Damian Clisby together with culinary director Lucy Boyd is producing some seriously good food in The Cafe. They use the highest quality ingredients in respect of the season, and with the support of small farmers and producers across England. Open for lunch only they are now introducing evening supper clubs which I must warn you become fully booked very quickly but they are outstanding for special occasions. You’ll find the greenhouses lit with twinkly lights and candles which totally transform the daytime setting.

The Teahouse is equally impressive. For informal light lunches and a wonderful selection of cakes set amongst rugged garden tables amongst the plants in the greenhouse this is truly a wonderful place for the whole family.
Whichever greenhouse you choose to dine it, the staff are so kind and will make you feel very welcome with young children.
The actual nursery itself is a haven for garden lovers. The staff will always help out with their expertise and my girls adore coming here to choose their vegetable plants they’ll continue to grow in our garden. More recently Petersham Nurseries is now offering floral and plant workshops and seasonal foraging walks which I can highly recommend. The edible flower workshop is a must as is the Christmas wreath workshop. They even offer workshops for children including sowing sunflowers and make a mother’s day bouquet.

Petersham Nurseries Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants in London. It’s a beautiful setting and it just has a very special feeling to it. It’s also the experience of heading to Richmond for the day, which is a lovely little village. (And of course, if you don’t want to walk from the train station to the restaurant, you can also take a taxi.)


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