Boys swim shorts from Beanie & Bear

Easton and surfboard
Beanie and Bear swim shorts
Boys and surfboards

I discovered the vibrant Beanie & Bear swimwear range at the Dot to Dot tradeshow last spring, and while I don’t normally go for bright neon colours, I immediately fell for these cute swim shorts for my boys. The tailored style and short cut makes them a cross between the tighter-fitting swimsuits they usually wear, and the looser-fitting shorts surfers tend to wear. I also like that they pass as regular shorts when worn off the beach.

The shorts have side and back pockets (for holding treasures) and an adjustable elastic waist. Both of my boys, though two years apart, wear the same size – the 9/10 – because the waist is adjustable. And I just saw that the shorts are now available in the bigger 11/12 size – perfect for tween boys.

Courtney x

The photos above were taken by Reagan Glazner on our favourite beach in Byron Bay last month. My three favourite surfer boys! ♥


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Esther in Amsterdam
May 12, 2016

Love those cute boys!! (And the swimwear from Beanie & Bear is so cool!!) xxx

May 12, 2016

These look fab! I was just searching for good short surfer swim shorts. My older boy usually wears the tight fitting style and long surfers. But we always felt the longer ones are just too wide, too ‘flappy’ around the legs afterwards/ when wet. And as he is soon starting swim lessons at school & might not want to wear tight swim trunks. These look like the perfect mix! Thanks for sharing! X

Alegre Media
May 12, 2016

We are so pleased that you like Beanie & Bear! They look fab on the boys x

May 19, 2016

£56 for swim shorts? Only for the wealthy.

May 21, 2016

Uhhhh £56 for a pair of boys shorts is a rip off – no matter how wealthy you are. I love this blog/website and, for some things, I am prepared to pay more but for swim shorts? No. Not under any circumstances.

I’d rather pay £10 and donate the rest of the money to the Sri Lankan charity you’ve mentioned previously, Courtney.

Courtney in London
May 22, 2016

Hi Louise and Karen,
Thanks for your comment. I understand that not everyone can justify spending £56 on swim shorts, but I don’t think it’s fair to say these shorts are a rip off.
My boys have worn these shorts nearly every day for the past year and the quality is so good that they’ll be able to wear them for another year. Also, as I said in the post, these shorts, unlike many swimsuits, can be worn as regular shorts – so they work both ways.
Of course it’s a personal choice but I would rather invest in one well-made pair than to buy several of the £10 swim shorts that will not last. I also like supporting independent businesses who put emphasis on how they source and make their products versus the big, high street brands who just compete to offer the lowest price, don’t care about quality and have a business model based on cheap, disposable fashion.
We accept that there are quality differences in other products in our lives and do not question spending more — why should it be different for children’s products? These are expensive by comparison to other swim shorts in the market, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge them solely on price or to judge a brand that has worked out the price that they need to achieve to sustain their small business.

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