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Shh! We have a plan by Chris Haughton

reading fingerWe are real fans of Chris Haughton’s books! To be honest it was a difficult choice to decide on which one to tell you about. Florence loves A Bit Lost so much and Helena loves to read our Dutch version of, Oh No George! But we finally decided on telling you about Shh! We have a Plan. In fact I can’t believe I haven’t written about it yet! Seriously, if there is one book you all need in your collection it’s this one. With it’s catchy story line, ridiculously fun characters and its good bout of healthy humour, we LOVE this book!


Set in the dark of the night this is the story of four friends who are out for a walk. They spot a beautiful bird perched high in a tree and must catch it. But wait, they have a plan. The story rhythmically continues with fun phrases like tip-toe slowly, tip-toe slowly, now stop, SHH which kindly invites young children to follow happily along. But by the end of the story their plan simply fails and the bird flies away.

reading makes me happyChris Haughton has truely written and illustrated a fabulous book. He’s managed to create a story which is exciting, mesmerising and fun. If you want to see just how Haughton manages to create such wonderful illustrations this is a great video showing you just that.

Shh! We have a Plan is available from Brimful in the US or in our Babyccino Bookstore on amazon (UK) (US).

Vanessa x


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May 11, 2016

Love this, thank you! We have “Oh no, George”, by the same author, and love it too, it’s hilarious!

Annie from Brimful
May 11, 2016

Aww, how kind of you to mention us Vanessa – thank you! ❤️ Your book reviews are always fantastic!

Chris haughton
May 12, 2016

Thanks so much guys! Love the blog

November 23, 2016

[…] one of Chris Haughton’s books, if not all of them should grace everyone’s bookshelves. Ssh! We Have a Plan is awesome and A Bit Lost is just the sweetest. I can’t wait to read his latest, Goodnight […]

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