Thursday Thoughts: I think I quite like my wrinkles


Being around 40 is an interesting thing because, there is no denying it at this point – I am now officially a grown up, a fact that I have been trying to ignore! It is also quite confronting as my features are changing, and no matter how much cream I splash on, age is changing my appearance, if I like it or not.

I have been in a bit of denial about it though until I got the sweet compliment from a 25 year old the other night. He bashfully told me that he found the wrinkles around  my eyes quite sexy. I was about to storm off in a huff… and then I was quite touched. Hilariously, I actually had thought that no one could noticed them… Since then I have been looking at myself in the mirror the last few days and he is right, I quite like these wrinkles and they actually suit me!

The thing is, we cannot really do anything about getting older, right? So might as well accept it and enjoy the different sort of sexiness that comes with it. 😉


The above photo was taken by my lovely friend Sarah Gardan.


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May 5, 2016

When I see this lovely portrait of yours, it is not the tiny wrinkles around your eyes that I find most beautiful, it is the fine line above your upper lip that is just so, so charming (I am 38 and have a similiar ‘smile line’ 😉

Emilie in Paris
May 5, 2016

Ha, I actually had not noticed that particular wrinkle 😉

May 5, 2016

Hi Emilie,
I’m exactly at the same point! Your words made me smile because you’re totally right : we have to deal it with it, we like it or not!… So I will try to like my new wrinklrs and try to find them ´charming’ #postivethinking … 😉
Thank you

May 5, 2016

Not really to do with wrinkles but I’ve always thought you have the friendliest face/smile ever!! I’m so glad to hear you’re thoughts on ageing, I totally agree!

Emilie in Paris
May 5, 2016

India, that is so sweet, thank you!

May 5, 2016

I love this post. I’m 41 and I have started to notice the same thing… kinda not liking the wrinkles that much but you’re right, it’s a part of life isn’t it (I have the same line above my lip). As my mom says, ‘if you aren’t aging you’re dead’. lol.

May 5, 2016

So interesting after the la shopup comments about the young mothers. I have never had Botox or anything and always think women w Botox look their age but without the wrinkles. I agree that they’re often sexy!

May 5, 2016

What a stunning photograph… At this stage in my life the grey hair and the wrinkles are my battle scars, I’ve earned them… they warrant a little respect! I guess it takes years to be comfortable in yourself and I have no need to hide the real me away.

Nina Justin
May 6, 2016

I have noticed my wrinkles which started showing up already in my late 30s, before anyone else did. Funnily enough, I like them from the beginning. I think they add character to my face. I don’t like the wrinkles on my knees though!! 🙁

Courtney in London
May 7, 2016

Haha! I like that you said ‘around 40’. You’re a true french woman not revealing your exact age! 🙂 I think you look beautiful with or without wrinkles. The thing that I keep reminding myself is that I am never going to look younger – when I look back at photos of myself at this stage, I will probably think I look so young! So I should just embrace it. I always think what looks the most beautiful is a happy face – young or old (and yours is a happy one!). xx

Emilie in Paris
May 9, 2016

Ha, a French Mademoiselle never divulges!!

May 9, 2016

I am nearly 42 and I am not opposed to an ‘ageing gradually’ effect… here in Australia we need to protect our skin from the strong sun- as much for health reasons as for aesthetics. A wrinkle (or more) doesn’t bother me as long as I’m healthy.
Emilie, you look so healthy, happy and overall, content- that’s what stands out to me in your photo. It’s lovely!

May 11, 2016

You Babyccino ladies all look wonderful. Would you consider doing some posts on your beauty philosophies/regimes, a bit like the beauty uniform posts on Cup of Jo? I know Courtney has done one of those already. I can’t be the only one who’d love to hear the rest of your beauty secrets!

May 14, 2016

Emilie, you look great! Totally agree with Courtney: A happy face is always beautiful. And you always (at least from what you show us 😉 ) look so happy, relaxed and calm. 🙂
Allerliebste Grüße aus Deutschland!

Izabella Schmitt
May 22, 2016

Yes, I find that there is a huge blank in the blogging world for topics that interest smart women in their late 30s and early 40s that want to look great (at once, both young and their age!). And articles using real life women role models in this age bracket from artists to bankers or politicians.

I’m in this age bracket and I often look, for example, for fashion tips. I’m a bit too Comptoir des Cotonniers but the fact is that I don’t find many alternatives to their balance of quality, understated cool and price.

Or I was looking the other day for articles on short hair in your 40s, or nude make up in your 40s, or letting your hair go gray at 40 (personal experiences, style, tips etc) and couldn’t find anything great.

Cup of Jo does cover some of it but it targets the US audience. And so do traditional channels such as Elle, Marie Claire, Gentlewoman etc. but more wouldn’t certainly hurt.

You touched some of these topics before so why not invest in the older moms of older kids a bit? Fashion brands might just follow!

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